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My name is Holyce
Pronounced HAW-LISS
A name given to me after my Great Great Grandmother Holyce.
I was born and raised in Austin, Texas (North)
My Father started teaching me to play piano and sing when I was a small child,
He has been a piano teacher for the majority of my life
along with both my paternal and maternal Grandmothers,
who both taught me a lot of what I know and do today.
One remains teaching to this day at the age of 83 in Nashville, Tennessee!
Fun fact: I played the French Horn all of Middle and High School,
& eventually I joined the choir in High school also!
My Guitar adventure began January 2023,
& you may even find me playing piano or guitar today!!
Before this, I was bartending on 6th street &; never expected to find out
my wee childhood dreams could become reality here in Austin, Texas!
Thank you for reading, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the set!
Holyce :)

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