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How can we help you?

We are available over the HELP section in the app or you can send us an email at customersupport@fanclubltd.com Our business hours are 9 am to 7:30 pm ( Monday to Saturday).

A basic internet connection is required to listen to songs, use general features of fanclub and to download songs. You can listen to songs even on low internet by setting the streaming quality to ''Low''.

In order to create a playlist on fanclub Website - Click on Playlist option from the menu available on the left. A {+} sign appears stating Create Playlist, click on this to create a new playlist. Click on Create Playlist button to save your playlist. Additionally, you can also create a playlist while listening to the music of your choice by clicking on the three dots(...) beside the name of the song. It will give the option to add the song to an existing playlist or create a new playlist.

We have CC, DC, Paytm, Google , Itunes, Lazypay modes available. For further details, please visit our subscription page.to view the different payment options for separate plans.

You can enjoy fanclubb app on any Android or iOS device and fanclub website on your PC or Laptop.