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C.J. Sparks

C.J. Sparks


Austin-based C.J. Sparks is a remarkable musician poised to make his mark on the world of folk-pop after having previously played in over 100 venues across the United States with his band the Beatnik Bandits. C.J. Sparks’ music career is now taking an exciting turn as he prepares to release his solo debut single, a captivating preview of what’s to come on his highly anticipated 2024 record.
With an impressive fanbase already established as the Beatnik Bandits’ lead singer / songwriter, C.J. Sparks’ melodic storytelling and genre-blending prowess are clearly striking a chord with new listeners. His music resonates on a deeply personal level, exploring themes of adventure, life and spirituality in a way that’s both relatable and inspiring.
As the anticipation builds for his upcoming single and subsequent album, the unique sound is set to carve a path that bridges the gap between pop and folk, captivating audiences and leaving an imprint on all who listen. Get ready to embark on this musical journey as C.J. Sparks unveils his soulful artistry with his much-awaited debut single, ‘After the Fact’.

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'After the Fact' - single release

'After the Fact', C.J. Sparks' debut solo single is released 9th February 2024! Thursday 8th February sees Austin's Saxon Pub host the single release show!

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