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Agnes Milewski

Agnes Milewski


Vienna-based Agnes Milewski is the perfect artist for the post-genre world, happier to be hopping generic boundaries and subverting expectations than nailing her colors to any one stylistic mast.
She wanders through the same plaintive piano soundscapes as Tori Amos and the more commercially friendly end of the Kate Bush heyday as easily as she delivers an alt-folk vibe or a haunted pop atmosphere.

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'A Quiet Year'

Hi friends, how are you? "A Quiet Year", our 5th studio album is out now 😱 It contains songs about states: the state of the world and my state of mind. It's been a ride. We poured our souls into it. We hope you like it. If you want to get your digital hands on it, bandcamp is the way to go! Here's a link: https://agnesmilewski.bandcamp.com/album/a-quiet-year-2 Thank you for your ongoing support! Without you, there would be no music in my heart.

Read More 2nd Jul 2022

I recently had the great pleasure to model for my sister @alicemilewski, becoming Hannah Wilke for a project called „HERstory“. Hannah Wilke was an American artist who produced work that examined sex and sexuality, feminism and femininity, and the body and its representation. This image is inspired by Wilke's performance-based work „Gestures“ in which she explores her own skin as if it were sculptural material. A book with the prints will be available in the near future. Check out @alicemilewski

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