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Roy Buckley

Roy Buckley


Roy Buckley. @roybuckleymusic. Roy Buckley singer, songwriter, recording artist, founder of The Song Collector Sessions, The Song Collector Podcast & YouTube Channel from Cork City, Ireland. Cork City, Ireland roybuckleymusic.com Joined January 2010.

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Discovering Pete St. John

Discovering Pete St John…I am working with the Black Donnellys on a documentary on the life of Pete St. John and recently had our first production meeting in Las Vegas discussing the life, songs and stories of one of Ireland’s legendary songwriters… We are thrilled to be working with Pete’s sons Kieron and Brian on this project… What an honour it was to play Pete’s guitar, the instrument he wrote so many classics with… songs like The Fields of Athenry, Dublin in the Rare Old Times, The Ferryman, The Mero, Tara Tansey, Jim Larkin, When Margaret Was Eleven, Ringsend Rose, and many more… Check out the version of The Fields of Athenry uploaded to my fanclub page, that’s Pete’s guitar being played! More news soon, it’s all very exciting !!!

Read More 12th May 2023
USA Tour - with The Dublin City Ramblers, August / September 2022

Delighted to be invited by my friend Sean McGuinness to join the legendary Irish group The "Dublin City Ramblers" for their 50th Anniversary Tour in the USA !! We will be playing shows in the US during the month of August starting with the Iowa Irish Festival… The name The Dublin City Ramblers is certainly regarded as legendary in Irish music, besides winning many awards and receiving the keys to a couple of cities, they also have had many hits in their storied career including “The Ferryman”, as well as being the first group to record iconic songs such as “Dublin in the Rare Old Times” and “Flight of Earls”… Looking forward to catching up with some great friends and bringing Irish music to some great venues along the way… Hoping I can convince Sean to bring the tour to some of my old haunts in the US on the back end of the trip… Maybe Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC or Virginia?? We’ll see how it works out if there’s a few available dates… The Ramblers new 50 track album has just been released to celebrate the milestone anniversary, check it out online… Looking forward to returning to America, even better to be joining The Dublin City Ramblers on such a landmark occasion…

Read More 25th Jul 2022
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